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What is a business consultant?

The figure of the business consultant (today often and mistakenly confused and mixed with those of a sales representative or agent) was born in the early 1900s with the aim of helping and supporting the corporate structure from the outside. Since the 1980s, the figure of the business consultant has experienced significant growth, both as an individual profession or within consulting firms.

The clientele of business consultants is basically composed of:

  • small and medium-sized companies that need to improve strategic planning, product diversification policy and, more simply, medium-long term business planning
  • companies that might need advice to optimize their competitive capacity, to improve the time to market of products, or even to reduce costs and improve relationship with customers and employees.
Today, business consultants have business experience and knowledge that con be applied as a solution of problems, to identify potential areas of interest and to help companies to expand their business.

This professional figure works with the aim of helping other entrepreurs to understand the actions to be taken in order to obtain higher profits.

Businesses work in an increasingly fast and difficult market; abusiness consultant may help you to widen your corporate vision and show you aspects that you may never have considered. Business consultants conduct market analysis and develope projects that aim to grow your business.

This professional figure can also "enlighten" you on aspects such as the market in which you operate, who and what your target should be, who your competitors are. Their objective eye is fundamental for a company that perhaps has a "flawed" vision from many years of operations in the sector.

There are obviously many ways in which a business consultant can help you: from market research to internal audits, from customer surveys to review of you company's business plan.