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Our principal services

We offer basically three main services:
Managment Consultancy & Temporary Management
We support SMEs in building their own vision and strategic planning, supporting managment in defining business targets and identifying advantages and areas for improvment of the corporate system.

Management Consultancy allows to set up the strategic and development lines of the company, and make them explicit and shared, ensuring the creation of value for the company over time.

Temporary Managment is a great opportunity for SMEs, that allows them to have high-level expertise available at reasonable costs, wuth the result of increasing the capacity of the resources already present in the company. The Temporary Manager is present in the company for a few months, and he is in charge of managing either difficult situations or temporary stalls.
Business Consultancy / Commercial Consultancy
Companies opaerating commercially on the market, both nationally and internationally, need more and more specific, up-to-date and competent advice in order to better concentrate their efforts and cope with the increasingly fierce competion on the various markets. The commercial consultancy service aims to solve all those problems related to the need to face new customers/suppliers or new markets, not going to load an already existing commercial structure yet engagedon other frontlines, or to integrate the same of the necessary and maybe missing competences to allow it to cope with situations that they are not completely familiar with.

This consulting service allows the customer to have a valid support in the creation of commercial supply and/or distribution relationshipson world markets, in the acquisiton of foreign orders, in mediation to organize partnerships, in the support for the establishment of companies abroad and in linguistic support.
Institutional Relations & Lobbying
The term "institutional relations" (or pubblic affairs) is to be understood as all those activities that aim to establish or consolidate a meaningful relationship between an interested party and the so called decision makers, i.e. political-institutional decision makers.

We talk in particular about lobbying activities when the wholeorganized set of all those activities is aimed to represent in professional manner the interests of a given subject towards the public decision makers, with the intention of influencing their opinions and choices. Thus, the public decision making process is influenced in favor of the legitimate interest which is represented and protected.
We can support you with projects for (not exhaustive):

  • Promotion of your products or services to new customers
  • Research for new national and international customers
  • Present to new customers the advantages und uses of goods or services provided by the represented company
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Developing solid customer relationships
  • Representing companies that import and/or export products from/to abroad
  • Opening new markets
  • Introduction of new products
  • Creation or improvement of national and international sales and purchasing organization
  • Support for international tenders (analysis, support for the processing of offers, contract discussions)
  • Project Management: Coaching, project structuring
  • Analysis, support for strategic decision-making procedures
  • Individual projects & assignments
  • Country specific solutions
  • Representation in Italy and in Europe
  • Further development of the sales network
  • Representation at the most important trade fairs and events in the sector
... and much more!

Today, companies work in an increasingly competitive and internationalized market, and many companies are struggling to keep up with the evolution of thesse markets.

So why not rely on an external help?